Pan's Garden Yarns
Yarns of Mythological Beauty

Yarn in ivyClassic handspun meets California style in the Garden of Pan, where unique art yarns are fashioned from wool, alpaca, mohair, bamboo, silk, soysilk, and more, individually designed and handcrafted with your special project in mind.

Fine handspun yarns are also available in an assortment of traditional colors, in singles and two ply. These elegant yarns make durable, practical and beautiful garments. Or create your own homespun treasures with our hand-dyed locks and roving, in many colors and textures.

Pan's Garden Yarns are handcrafted from the finest raw fleece and other fibers. Make your next creation an object of mythological beauty, with Pan's Garden Yarns.




A playful art yarn of Romney and Texel wool carded with mohair and cut up lengths of rayon/nylon commercial novelty yarn. The single was plied with turquoise soysilk strung with animal shaped foam cut-outs.

This is a whimsical yarn - for a fun hat or any carefree creative object.






















A colorful skein

A colorful skein of Romney wool and mohair, spun from uncarded fleece.

A long-wooled English breed, the Romney produces a versatile wool in white, grey, black, and moorit (brown). Mohair is the distinctively lustrous fleece of the Angora goat.

Carding is a process that separates and aligns the fibers for spinning. High grade fleece can be spun uncarded to produce yarns of interesting texture.





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